An Open Letter to Texas Leaders:
Texans Deserve a Policy That Protects Property Rights and Secures Local Control
Please support SB 1888 by Sen. Pat Fallon and HB 3778 by Rep. Angie Chen Button

Dear State Leaders:

We are homeowners. We are property rights advocates. We are local businesses and trade associations, and we are committed to a strong and vibrant Texas economy.

Together, we are Texans for Property and Rental Rights, and we are standing together to support private property owners and renters. We hope you share our commitment to protecting private property rights while maintaining the character of our neighborhoods and local communities.

What we see happening in communities across our state concerns us.

Many Texas cities have chosen to enact harmful, constitutionally questionable, and largely ineffective ordinances to restrict or outright prohibit homeowners from renting their homes on a short-term basis. These ordinances may intentionally or inadvertently have the effect of banning short-term rentals, or severely limiting or restricting private property rights. Oftentimes, this results in less tax revenue for local governments and the state, and severely limits a city’s ability to identify and address bad actors.

We can and must balance local control while preserving the private property rights of our citizens. We believe Texas should embrace the growing demand for alternative accommodations like short-term rentals while balancing the needs of our local communities. That’s why we support Senate Bill 1888 by Sen. Pat Fallon and House Bill 3778 by Rep. Angie Chen Button.

A vote for this legislation is a vote for our state’s economy. That’s because short-term rentals contribute mightily to local and state tax revenue, support tens of thousands of jobs, drive visitor spending to local small businesses, and give Texas families and other travelers a wider range of options as they explore all that the Lone Star State has to offer.

We ask the Texas Legislature to address this issue by bringing clarity and certainty to property owners and local communities alike. We ask that you please support Senate Bill 1888 and House Bill 3778.

Texans deserve a statewide framework for short-term and vacation rentals that preserves the rights of property owners while maintaining the character of our many diverse neighborhoods. The time to act is now. Thank you for your consideration.


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